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Ignacio Solves Senior editor

GoFTP is, according to the publishers, the fastest FTP program. It is a very fast connecting application, using registered technologies such as: "Instant Connect", "Instant Directory", etc.

When transferring files from (or to) user PC, the application performs these actions in multithread connection, so the transfer will optimize the bandwidth use.
Also, one of the main features of this application is the file compression for getting higher speed. A particular management of the transfer buffer helps to increase transfer speed as well.

The application integrates itself with the user HTML editor and it supports SFTP.

Local and remote sites can be user managed: folders and files renaming and deleting, drag and drop transfers, etc. The application double window user interface allows to manage all the files and folders transfers and movements in both ways, downloading and uploading. It includes logs creation, resume broken or interrupted transfers, files encryption, multilingual support at the user interface, etc.


  • Very small and handy FTP application.


  • None.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.

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    Fred Banting 3 years ago

    Free GoFTP is a dangerous spyware and trojan. Inspite of it being true that it is a very fast upload and download FTP program.
    1 - It Alters customer's PHP scripts and installs its own advertising links to your PHP scripts.
    2 - It does not encrypt user FTP passwords and keeps customers FTP login information to randomly upload spyware FTP files in peoples FTP servers.
    3 - It also downloads or steals PHP scripts or any other files from your servers and downloads it to their servers, or to whoum ever pays them for such information.
    4 - It uploads rougue PHP send mail scripts that randomly activate and sends mail to prescribed emaisl to avoid spam filtering.
    4 - It also keeps FTP passwords in a text log file, such that if some one else uses your computer and views your FTP log file They can find your FTP password.
    5 - It uses multiply FTP access, that exceed the access allowed by your hosting company You hosting company can Block your IP address.
    if you check your FTP log with your hOsting company, you will finsd that many other IP address other than your Own had accessed your FTP server.
    These guys at GOFTP are just IDIOTS. They have a very good FTP software that could sell well, but they choose to spoil it with TRojan and spyware activities.
    If you have used GOFTP, IMMEDIATELY contact your hosting company and change your FTP password. Your FTP server has been compromised. I guess in the End there is nothing for free that is good.

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